Located in São Bento do Sul, in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, with a manufacturing area of over 20 thousand square meters, Móveis Katzer Ltda., Founded in 1985, specializes in the manufacture of beds and bunk beds for export. With products made from renewable wood (pinus), the company has been internationally outstanding for the quality, price and delivery time, for which it has been maintaining and conquering customers for several years.

Specialization and partnership with suppliers offer products with more quality and flexibility of production, thus meeting all customer requirements, following international safety standards, including most of its products approved by certification institutes.


"To produce beds and bunk beds in a sustainable and efficient manner, meeting customers' expectations"


"To be the best solution in beds and bunk beds where people are proud of working in."

Katzer Values

COMMITMENT: We fulfill our duties with professionalism, we deliver the combined one respecting the requirements of the clients and the strategy, policies, norms and procedures of the company.

ETHICS: We do what is right, what is fair, we are trustworthy, honest, we respect confidentiality agreements, laws, regulations and seek mutual benefit.

RESPECT: We treat people with education, empathy, respect for individuality and differences, but we are sincere, that is, we are kind to people and strict with problems.

EFFICIENCY: Efficiency is in our DNA, we work to deliver value without wasting, we meet goals, we constantly seek operational improvement, we apply good practices suiting them to our reality.

TEAMWORK: Together we are better than the sum of individual results. We are humble to help and ask for help. We work in alignment because the “global best” is more important than the “local best”.

INITIATIVE: We act preventively and proactively to ensure that what needs to be done is done. We identify and resolve issues in advance, promptness, interest, attention and zeal. We seek innovation in products and processes, we do not accommodate.

Katzer code of conduct

Móveis Katzer Ltda conducts its business based on ethical and moral principles that must be present in all relations of the company. In this way, Móveis Katzer has created a code of conduct that is an integral part of our management philosophy and aims to reaffirm our commitment to ethics and good faith in individual and collective conduct, establishing the premises and guidelines that will guide the conduct of all members of the company. It is our commitment, in addition to defining our code of conduct, to share it with our employees, suppliers and customers.
To access the Code of Conduct for Móveis Katzer Ltda, please click here.

São Bento do Sul

The city of São Bento do Sul is located on the northern plateau of Santa Catarina, with more than 81,000 inhabitants and an area of approximately 496 km². According to the MDIC (Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade) 2018 São Bento do Sul was the largest exporter of furniture in Brazil in 2018, with 14.0% of the total furniture exported by Brazil.

"São Bento do Sul discovered in the transformation of wood its vocation. At first the wood of the forest molded ranches, fences and shops. Before the industries came the sawmills, carpentry, barricarias, scaffolding and carpentry where the water wheels and animal traction moved saws, drills and tupias.

From the initiative of the small farmer to set up his craft factory, São Bento do Sul began to shape its future. Today the city is the National Capital of Furniture and besides the furniture sector stands out in the ceramic, plastic, metallurgical, spinning and weaving sectors. ”

Source: www.saobentodosul.sc.gov.br